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BPL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES the Indian multinational, spearheads pioneering efforts in medical technology and innovation, keeping with its legacy since 1967. Synonymous with trust BPL products and systems are designed to comply with international quality and safety standards such as CE, AERB, BIS, ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

With our commitment to making in India, We help you experience and compromise quality products that benefits patient care

Specialities Critical care to mobile health, BPL is the preferred choice for total solutions across specialties.

  • Cardiology

    Pioneers in cardiology, BPL's offerings range from Electrocardiographs, Defibrillators, Stress Test Systems, Holter monitors to consumables and accessories.
  • Critical Care & Surgery

    We understand that every second is critical when it comes to life saving moments and our offerings ensure that you are well equipped to manage them with utmost confidence.
  • Imaging

    With innovation at its core, our imaging range includes C-ARMs, Fixed and Mobile X Rays, Color Dopplers and Ultrasounds. Built on world-class technologies, our systems conform...
  • Mother & child care

    At BPL, we ensure you don’t miss a beat in bringing safe & gentle care into the most delicate moments of every mother and a new-life, with innovations in precision maternal monitoring equipment.
  • Consumables

    Small things add great value. Quality consumables from BPL add value to routine procedures with and experience better outcomes. Trusted products that ensure more effective...
  • Home Care

    The care cyle doesn't always end at the hospital and that's the very reason we have best-in-class solutions extending our care right from hospital to home. Ranging from but not limited...
BPL Medical Technologie's Awards

Product Innovation Awards in Medical Devices

  • Most Promising Company in Radiology & Imaging Devices
  • Radiology and Imaging Excellence Awards june 2021
  • BPL Medical Technologies - Customer Value Leadership Award
  • BPL Medical Technologies - Brand Trust Report
  • BPL Medical Technologies - India's Most Attractive Brands Report
  • BPL Medical Technologies - South Asia E-Health Summit Award
  • BPL Medical Technologies - IOT Next Summit Award
  • Best Healthcare Brands
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  • A perfect anesthesia workstation is need of the hour and BPL E-Flo Anesthesia Workstations are very useful in crucial situations. I am immensely happy using BPL products since the last 20 years. BPL is an Indian company manufacturing products of international standards, at an affordable price.
    Dr. Mariam Thomas Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala
  • For the last couple of years I am using BPL patient monitors and ECG machines and as per my observation the products are up to the mark and better than those of competitors.
    Dr. Rajib Bhattacharya Guwahati Medical College Hospital, Assam

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  • BPL Medical Technologie's Events Radcon, Mangaluru

    November-2021Test YPO

  • BPL Medical Technologie's Events Radcon, Mangaluru

    May-2021Statement regarding fake/counterfeit BPL Oxygen Concentrators


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BPL products and devices offer cutting-edge transformational medical technologies through years of research and experience. Please reach out to us and we will collaborate with you to enhance your operations and introduce you to the world of BPL excellence.

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Business Enquiry

BPL products and devices offer cutting-edge transformational medical technologies through years of research and experience. Please reach out to us and we will collaborate with you to enhance your operations and introduce you to the world of BPL excellence.

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