Since introducing the first ECG machine to India in 1967, BPL has provided innovative cardiology solutions over the years resulting in more effective healthcare delivery. With a commitment to improving accuracy and accessibility with enhanced data analysis, our diverse range of products from Resting ECG and Stress Test Systems designed to meet a variety of diagnostic needs.

Resting ECG

BPL's first ECG machine was introduced in 1967 and now BPL has foray of devices from Single-Channel to 12-Channel ECG. Mastering excellence in Design & Manufacturing, BPL's ECG machines have been a synonym for reliability.

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    Cardiart 9108

    Cardiart 910812-channel ECG

    Cardiart 9108 is a 12-Channel ECG with Interpretation, it has QWERTY keyboard and foldable display. This device is easy to use, supports extern...

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    Cardiart 9108D

    Cardiart 9108D12-channel ECG

    Cardiart 9108D is a compact 12-Channel ECG with advanced Glasgow algorithm for interpretation - one of the world leading resting ECG interpreta...

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    Cardiart GenX3

    Cardiart GenX33-channel ECG

    GenX3 is a new-generation 3-channel ECG machine that comes with Glasgow Interpretation algorithm; It provides you a choice to select the darkne...

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    BPL Cardiart 8108 View

    BPL Cardiart 8108 View6-channel ECG

    A 6-channel ECG recorder with real-time display of 12 lead ECG on 5.7 inch colour display with interpretation algorithm for Accurate Analysis a...

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    Cardiart 6208 View

    Cardiart 6208 View3-channel ECG

    A simultaneous 3-channel ECG reading device with auto summary and colour LCD display; Enables the simultaneous acquisition of 12 leads; measure...

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    Cardiart 7108

    Cardiart 71083-channel ECG

    Cardiart 7108 is a simultaneous 3 - channel recorder that is user-selectable (3/2/1 channel). Equipped with thermal printer, it can print user-...

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    Cardiart GenX1

    Cardiart GenX1Single channel ECG

    The CARDIART GenX1 is a portable 12-lead electrocardiograph single channel printing system with Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm; Equipped ...

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    Cardiart 6108T

    Cardiart 6108TSingle channel ECG

    A feather light single-channel ECG machine that spells out compactness and user friendliness from the word go. While the sequential acquisition...

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    Cardiart 108T DIGI

    Cardiart 108T DIGISingle channel ECG

    The iconic single-channel ECG works on real-time high fidelity thermal array recording. With sequential single-channel acquisition, the rugged ...

Stress Test System

BPL’s Stress Test Systems ensure enhanced clinical workflow with easy and accurate assessment of cardiac activity. Advanced HES Algorithm with Dynatrac Neo software enables arrhythmia analysis and motion artifact reduction in stress ECG.

SunTech's Automated Stress BP Monitor provides accurate, reliable BP measurements, relieving you of the stress of taking manual BP during testing.

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    DYNATRAC Ultra

    DYNATRAC Ultra

    Recording an accurate and reliable BP measurement at the correct intervals during a test can be difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab ...

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    DYNATRAC Neo/ Neo BT

    DYNATRAC Neo/ Neo BT

    Advanced Dynatrac Neo Software enables accurate recording and analysis of the test. This software in combination with optional HES Algorithm en...

Dec YPO Test

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Testing testing Testing testing

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