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  • BPL Alpinion E Cube 5 - Testimonial by Dr. Harsh Mahajan

    It has become the favorite with most of our radiologist especially in using the portable ultrasound due to exceptional image quality, Versatility across probes which helps in accurate diagnosis.
  • BPL Alpinion E Cube 8 - Testimonial by Dr. RK Anand

    It’s been 1.5 years since I have brought this machine and the best feature that I like the most is “grey scale resolution”. Probes are very light and handy and can be used in obese patients as well.
  • BPL Alpinion E Cube i7 - Testimonial by Dr. PD Rath, Max Hospital

    The performance of ECube i7 is exceptional. Boot time is very less, user friendly interface and high frequency probes like “hockey stick probe” are extremely good and useful. Needle vision technology gives a very detailed view of the body part.
  • BPL Alpinion E CUbe i7 - Testimonial by Dr. Rajiv

    Single crystal technology probes which gives excellent resolution for superficial as well as deep parts is the best feature of ECube i7. The machine is very user friendly and is light weighted hence can be easily carried to the place of need.
  • BPL Alpinion E Cube i7 - Testimonial by Dr. Sujata, Sir Ganga Ran Hospital, Delhi

    As a point of care utilization we purchased ECube i7, the resolution of the pictures we take with this machine are excellent. Both applications and service teams are very responsive.
  • BPL C ray prime - Testimonial by Dr Pankaj Bajaj

    BPL Cray Pro is very competitive, quality of picture and performance of the machine is really good. After sales service is very satisfactory.
  • BPL C ray Prime - Testimonial by Dr. Majid

    BPL CRay prime, 2 screen machine has been installed in our operation theatre, it has excellent image quality and stores hundreds of images. Touch control panel is very user friendly. I am extremely satisfied with this machine.
  • BPL C Ray Prime - Testimonial by Dr. Sachdeva, Karnal

    BPL C Ray Prime is very cost effective and sturdy machine. It has a very distinctive feature called laser aimer which helps in Focusing which I appreciate a lot. I have been using this machine from past 3 years without any complaints.
  • BPL ECG, Defibrillator & Patient Monitor by Dr. Shailesh Jain

    Patient monitor (Ultima prime): An Excellent machine with very less boot time, there is an option of viewing the history of last 48 hrs-72 hrs. and we can also view invasive blood pleasure, invasive pulmonary artery pressure with high accuracy.

    ECG : it is a low cost machine which is very user friendly, it is attached with the monitor which helps in identifying artefacts.

    DF: BPL DF comes with 3 paddles. It gives accurate amount of shock which will be fed in to the DF machine. It is of very easy maintenance.
  • BPL M Rad - Testimonial by Dr. Ravindra, Satya Sai Hospital, Mumbai

    We use MRAD 3.5 DR for pre & post-operative purpose and some time for operative purposes as well for all open cardiac surgeries cases. The machine has an interface which is very simple and is Wi-Fi compatible. Machine is handy and can be easily moved by anybody (nursing staff).
  • Penlon Prima 320 - Testimonial by Dr. Seshadri

    Penlon prima 320 is a 3 gas machine has ventilation possibility from neonatal, pediatric to adult. This is very user friendly machine we are very happy with machine’s performance and also extremely satisfied with service aspects.
  • BPL Alpinion E Cube 8 - Testimonial by Dr. Anuradha M Ingle

    ECube 8 is a very user friendly machine the has not been any fall-outs or failures in past 3 years. There has not been any Image degradation at any time of usage. BPL application team and service team is very reliable and customer friendly with their rapid response during the hour of need.
  • BPL Anesthesia WS - Testimonial by Dr. Yogen Bhatt

    We are extremely proud to use an Indian made machine. It is extremely sleek and good looking machine. It has a heated canister system which avoids collection of moisture in the canister. It has flow sensors which is extremely useful during the procedures and is very economical compared to what is available in the market.
  • Dr. Bakshi

    Metro hospital and Cancer institute, Delhi
    Eflo 6D offers very good anesthesia delivery & ventilator performance.
  • Dr. Mariam Thomas

    Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala
    A perfect anesthesia workstation is need of the hour and BPL E-Flo Anesthesia Workstations are very useful in crucial situations. I am immensely happy using BPL products since the last 20 years. BPL is an Indian company manufacturing products of international standards, at an affordable price.
  • Dr. Rajib Bhattacharya

    Guwahati Medical College Hospital, Assam
    For the last couple of years I am using BPL patient monitors and ECG machines and as per my observation the products are up to the mark and better than those of competitors.
  • Dr. Ravindra

    Cardiologist, Sri Sathya Sai Sanjivini, Mumbai
    User friendly machine(M Rad 3.5) which has a simple interface and excellent image quality.

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